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Sustainable solutions for life cycle management (LCM) of electrical transformers with insulating oils

Sea Marconi occupies a leading market position in the sector, with 3000 clients across 5 continents.We have offices in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Argentina, and operate in other areas of the world through qualified partners.


Core business

  • Analysis and diagnosis of oils and transformers
  • On-site treatments of oils and transformers
  • Construction and sale of systems for of oil and transformer treatment

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How we work

Protection of the strategic machinery fleet

TransfoClean is based on the analogy between men-blood and transformer-oil.Similar to the way clinical diagnostics are performed, Sea Marconi monitors the state of health of transformers by analysing (and diagnosing) the oil inside them.


Top Selling Products

    Revolving table for preparing samples for DGA analysis

    The Revolving Table is a tool designed to improve the preparation steps for insulating oil samples destined for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) with the gas chromatography technique in the head space. Developed and validated by Sea Marconi in 1999, the revolving table is currently being used successfully in many laboratories internationally for everyday work.

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    Kit for on site PCB screening in oil

    The insulating liquids and related systems are classified respectively as “PCB” and “systems containing PCBs”, when the total concentration of the PCBs (209 possible congeners), PCTs (polychlorinated triphenyls – 8557 possible congeners) and PCBTs (polychlorinated Benzyltoluene) exceeds the limits stated by national laws.

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    Kit to measure acidity on site

    The total acidity (TAN) is one of the indicators of insulating liquid deterioration, together with water content and solid contaminants, which influence the dielectric properties of the oil. The acidity impacts the decay of the insulating papers and can also be responsible for the corrosion of the metal parts inside transformers.

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    Kit to measure total corrosive sulphur on site

    The SM-TCS Kit (Sea Marconi – Total Corrosive Sulphur) continues to be the only truly effective and reliable solution to know precisely how corrosive an insulating liquid is.

    The need to develop a quantitative method arises from the fact that in many cases, by running the CCD Test (IEC 62535) of oxidized oils, the visual outcome easily leads to false positives creating undue alarm.

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    Management software for machine inventory

    DeosVision.Transfo is the software that manages machine inventory and associated controls. This platform was designed and developed in 2004 due to the request of many valued Sea Marconi clients. Over time the platform was then improved and updated to become a sophisticated tool that today completely meets the needs of machine inventory operators, regardless of the number of devices or their geographical location, in relation to Life Cycle Management and the reduction of associated risks (Risk Assessment).

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    TransfoClean is the brand that contains the line of core business products and services; these are solutions to support the management of the Life Cycle of electrical equipment with insulating fluids


    My Transfo is the most important European conference on the management of transformer fleets and insulating oils. Since 2002 it is the most awaited event for professional updating and the exchange of experiences among professionals


    BioEnPro is a synergy between different processes aimed at the production of bioenergy and products for Smart Communities in a totally self-sustainable way, at Zero Km, Zero waste, negative CO2



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