Campionamento matrici ambientali (PCB/POPs, olio, PCA)

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Environmental crisis management

TransfoClean Site is the emergency response service following environmental crises caused by accidental events (e. g. explosions or fires in electrical equipment) with spills of contaminants such as PCB, PNA/PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) or hydrocarbons. On the basis of contractual agreements, Sea Marconi is able to respond within 24-48 hours of the accident and intervene: by limiting and defining the
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Analytical checks on turbines and rotating machines

The mission to protect corporate resources and prevent failures in strategic equipment of significant economic value has led to the development of GreenPro® OAM, the diagnostic coverage service for establishing the state of health of turbines and more generally of rotating and non-rotating machines with technical fluids (hydraulic, diathermic, lubricating, etc. ). GreenPro® OAM permits the pinpointing of minor faults
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Cambio o rigenerazione sali silica gel

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Research and development on behalf a third party

International laboratory of excellence, internal R&D with more than 40 international patents, ability to cover the entire supply chain (from design to construction of industrial plants), these peculiarities make Sea Marconi an ideal partner for the development of prototypes or innovative industrial plants.   In 2015 and 2021 Sea Marconi designed and built on behalf of EDF (R&D) two plants
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Specialist consultancy

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Internal inspection of transformer (following a failure)

Sea Marconi offers specialised services including advice after a destructive or partial breakdown. This service aims to identify the causes of the breakdown and prevent the same event happening to identical machines. Internal inspection includes: Consultation with a Sea Marconi expert, a detailed internal inspection of the damaged transformer, collecting any significant findings and the subsequent analysis (post-failure analysis) at
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Inventory management (data collection and updating)

Inventorying is a systematic activity focused on collecting strategic information on resources to be managed (asset management) during their life cycle (LCM) in a given geographic area, in a defined time frame, for economic-financial, technical-operational, social and environmental (e. g. PCB criticality), etc. purposes. The inventory defines the perimeter of competence and responsibility for the holder and the appointed individuals,
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Oil additivation with metal passivators – passivation

The corrosive sulfur phenomenon can only be countered effectively through Chedcos selective depolarisation; however, Sea Marconi is also able to carry out passivation treatment (erroneously considered by some as a countermeasure to the problem of corrosive sulfur). This operation consists of adding a passivating additive (ToluilTriazolAmmina or Ciba-Irgamet 39 or NyPass) to the corrosive oil present in the transformer with
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Filling the transformer with oil

With the term "filling" the transformer we mean both filling newly installed equipment for the first time on the final site, and filling as a result of maintenance or internal inspections that have requested the equipment to be emptied. In both cases, filling a transformer (especially those with a maximum voltage greater than 72.5 KV is an extremely delicate operation
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