SmartNosy RT – Health state monitoring of cast-Resin Transformers

SmartNosy RT (Resin Transformer) is the innovative Diagnostic and Prognostic service for monitoring the health state of cast Resin Transformers (dry transformers). Sea Marconi could developed a globally unprecedented device as a picture-perfect tool for asset and risk management, which can support the owners of transformers in scheduling downtime and maintenance activities, minimizing direct costs, indirect losses, and accidental failures.
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DGA EXPERIENCE – Improve the performance of your lab in Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)!

The amount of gas dissolved in the transformer oil (or other electrical equipment) is the main indicator of electrical or thermal faults of the equipment and/or its accessories; for this reason the DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis) is one of the most important measures in their life cycle management (LCM). The reference standard is IEC 60599 “Mineral oil-filled electrical equipment in service - Guidance on the interpretation of
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Training and support for installation and start-up (DGA Experience)

Our skilled personnel can guide and train the users of Revolving Table, Lab Degassing Unit, and Lab Mixing Unit. New DGA users, emerging laboratories, or lab technicians requiring upskilling are accompanied on the DGA EXPERIENCE path, to quickly become autonomous in the complete execution of the dissolved gas analysis, from the calibration of the method to the rapid preparation of routine
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Lab Mixing Unit for preparation of DGA standards

The LAB Mixing Unit increases the ratio of dissolution of gases into liquids during the preparation of calibration standards for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), according to the IEC 60567 requirements “Oil-filled electrical equipment – Sampling of gases and analysis of free and dissolved gases- Guidance”. In fact following the IEC 60567, gas-in-oil standards (GIO-standard) shall be prepared in glass syringes with
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Lab Degassing Unit for preparation of DGA standards

The Lab Degassing Unit is a stainless steel vessel that allows to degas up to 5 liters of fluid at a pressure of around 10 mbar by a vacuum pump (the unit maintains vacuum conditions for several hours after the degassing process). Through dedicated valves, vacuum can be broken blowing an inert gas in; subsequently the treated liquid sample can be directly
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StabOx, lab instrument to support the high-precision oxidation stability test

StabOx is a laboratory instrument to support the measurement of the oxidation stability of insulating liquids, it is entirely designed and manufactured by Sea Marconi. StabOx represents the maximum synthesis of Sea Marconi skills, which has been able to combine chemistry, electronics, IoT, process and product engineering at the highest levels. StabOx, with ad-hoc customization for TERNA The oxidation stability test
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Screw-threaded connectors for sampling of oil filled equipment

This tool-set allows the hydraulic connection of the sampling pipe to the bottom valve of the tank (GAS screw type) or to the valve of the Buchholz relay and similar devices (DGPT2).

Oil Sampling Kit for Hermetic Equipment

This kit can be used for oil sampling from hermetic transformers and electrical equipment. The hydraulic couplings provided with this kit are also suitable for sampling of oil or free-gases from Buchholz relay. When not energized, sealed electrical equipment may be at negative pressure. For this reason, taking-out oil samples for diagnostic purpose is a critical operation, which may result
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