Sea Marconi accredited laboratory

The Sea Marconi Laboratory is a leader in the diagnosis of degradation of insulating fluids and electrical equipment, such as power and instrument transformers, reactors, rectifiers, drives and feedthroughs. Every year, the Laboratory performs more than 9,000 diagnoses, oriented towards Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and the prevention of failures in transformers, for a total of more than 87,000 measurements carried out.

All measures dedicated to the diagnostics of fluid degradation, interception of faults and estimation of the ageing of assets are performed in-house, using cutting-edge instrumentation and techniques.

Europe’s largest independent database is the key factor behind the excellent diagnostics:

  • more than 75,000 pieces of electrical equipment analysed in more than 30 years
  • over 230,000 preventive and predictive diagnoses of the state of deterioration of transformers, rectifiers, drives, feedthroughs
  • more than 5,000 power plants, sub-stations and distribution sites in our customer base

“Translating analytical results into valuable information for the customer”

The diagnostic experience of the Sea Marconi Laboratory is based on thorough knowledge of the areas of generation, transmission, distribution and use (especially in large industry) of electricity.
Advanced specialisation in diagnosis results in interpretive and analytical capacity for all insulating fluids including mineral oils, silicones, askarels, synthetic fluids (ester base nd aromatic base), and mixed and special liquids.

The laboratory uses more than 10 different proprietary diagnostic and interpretative algorithms (based on families of appliances) for translating analytical results into valuable information for the customer. Each diagnosis reveals the conditions of degradation, evidence of anomalies or faults, corrective and preventive actions proposed to the customer and the relevant priorities for action.

Certificate of accreditation

the Sea Marconi Laboratory has always considered quality of service as part of daily operations. Over the years, this has resulted in major certification (ISO 9001) and accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025,  Accredia accreditation No. 0899).

In November 2012, during an audit that placed not only the analytical laboratory but also the entire company under scrutiny, Sea Marconi extended the accreditation to cover another three tests.

Accreditation is a guarantee of quality of the laboratory, which is subject to continuous verification of analytical performance and the procedures that govern it.

Thanks to all the accredited tests (see below), the Sea Marconi laboratory is one of the very few laboratories in the world (the only one in Italy) able to offer a packet of accredited tests that are fundamental for the diagnosis of electrical equipment with insulating fluids.

ACCREDIA’s involvement in multilateral mutual recognition agreements (MLAs) means that Sea Marconi test reports are recognised and accepted internationally by all signatory nations of mutual recognition agreements [see list of European Accreditation (EA) countries and list of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) countries].

Elenco delle prove accreditate (6) in revisione 9 del 24-01-2017

S. Cat. Materiale / prodotto / matrice Denominazione della prova Norma/metodo di prova



Liquidi isolanti insulating liquids Acqua disciolta (estrazione stripping evaporativo) Water in oil (evaporative stripping method) (> 2 mg/kg) IEC 60814:1997 (esclusi punti 2 e 4) (excluding § 2 and 4)



Liquidi isolanti insulating liquids Gas Disciolti (estrazione spazio di testa – HS): – Ossigeno (O2) – Azoto (N2) – Anidride carbonica (CO2) – Monossido di carbonio (CO) – Idrogeno (H2) – Metano (CH4) – Etano (C2H6) – Etilene (C2H4) – Acetilene (C2H2) Dissolved Gas Analysis (Head Space extraction): – Oxygen (O2) – Nitrogen (N2) – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Hydrogen (H2) – Methane (CH4) – Ethane (C2H6) – Ethylene (C2H4) – Acetylene (C2H2) (Ossigeno: > 500 ?l/l Azoto: > 2500 ?l/l CO2: > 25 ?l/l Idrogeno e monossido di carbonio: > 1 ?l/l Altri gas idrocarburici: > 0,1 ?l/l) IEC 60567:2011 (escluso punto 3; tecnica di estrazione: spazio di testa, punto 7.5) (excluding § 3; extraction technique: head space, § 7.5)



Liquidi isolanti insulating liquids Policlorobifenili (PCB) Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) (> 2 mg/kg) IEC 61619:1997



Oli isolanti minerali Mineral insulating oils 2-Furfurale e composti derivati: – 2-FAL (2-furfuraldeide) – 5-HMF (5-idrossimetil-2-furfuraldeide) – 5-MEF (5-metilfurfuraldeide) – 2-FOL (alcool furfurilico) – 2-ACF (2-acetilfurano) Furanic compounds: – 2-FAL (2 – furfuraldehyde) – 5-HMF (5-hydrossimetil-2-furfuraldeide) – 5-MEF (5 – methylfurfuraldehyde) – 2-FOL (furfurilalcohol) – 2-ACF (2-acetylfuran) (> 0,05 mg/kg) IEC 61198:1993 (escluso § 9.1.1) (excluding § 9.1.1)



Oli isolanti minerali Mineral insulating oils PCB totale (da calcolo) ex D.Lgs. 209/99 – D.Lgs. n° 209 del 22/05/1999 (GU n° 151 del 30/06/1999), attuazione della Direttiva CE/59/96 (GU n° L243 del 24/09/1996) Total PCB (obtained by calculation) as per EEC Directive 59/96/EC (GU n° L243 of 24/09/1996) (> 10 mg/kg) IEC 61619:1997 + EN 12766-3:2004 + EN 12766-1:2000 (§ B.2)



Prodotti petroliferi nuovi, usati, trattati, Oli lubrificanti sintetici o di recupero, miscele di oli vegetali. Unused, used and treated petroleum products including synthetic lubricating oils, petroleum products and synthetic lubricating oils suitably recovered from other materials and mixtures of vegetable oils. Policlorotrifenili (PCT – Aroclor 5442 + Aroclor 5460) Policlorobenziltolueni (PCBT – Ugilec 141) Polychlorinated terphenyls (PCT – Aroclor 5442 + Aroclor 5460) Polychlorinated benzyl toluenes (PCBT – Ugilec 141) (PCBT: > 5 mg/kg PCT: > 10 mg/kg) EN 12766-3:2004 + EN 12766-1:2000 (§ B.2)

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