Bioenpro in full swing thanks to the World Cafè

Tuesday October 15th, 2019

On September 27th, a meeting of the scientific project committee was held at the headquarters of Sea Marconi in Collegno. The meeting took place with the Wordcafe mode.
What is it?
The Worldcafè is a meeting mode inspired by old cafes, creating a work environment that inspires participants and invites them to a free and passionate discussion. This technique facilitates the exchange of innovative and unconventional ideas thanks to a very light form of moderation and the guidance of some general questions.
Participants are divided into different discussion tables and are invited to exchange every 20/30 minutes; the facilitator has the task of briefing newcomers on what has already been discussed and of gathering from these new ideas. Like in cafes, people can write and draw on the tablecloth (paper), drink and eat something during the meeting.

The members of the scientific committee of the BIOENPRO4TO project welcomed the Worldcafè procedure very positively and openly shared impressions, points of view and knowledge, which were noted on colored post-it notes and put in the minutes of the meeting. What emerged has concretely clarified some technical aspects common to some WPs and at the same time allowed updating on reference standards, terms and definitions useful for the rest of the project.

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