BIOENPRO4TO captures the attention of the Japanese University of Yamagata

Monday September 16th, 2019

On September 10th, Sea Marconi met a group of 11 students from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Japanese University of Yamagata in its headquarters in Collegno (TO). The students came to Europe visiting the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of the University of Turin (DISAFA) and the Department of Soil Science of the University of Hannover in Germany.

What brought Japanese students to Sea Marconi? The occasion has matured thanks to the partnerships between Sea Marconi and DISAFA* within the BIOENPRO4TO project, of which Sea Marconi is the coordinator.

BIOENPRO4TO perfectly responds to the areas of interest of Japanese students, who intend to learn about the agroforestry world internationally, evaluating not only primary production but also all aspects related to agriculture, especially those related to recovery processes energy and circular bioeconomy.

The students, coordinated by Professor Luisella Roberta Celi, listened with interest to the presentation of the BIOENPRO4TO project, appreciating above all the complete circularity of the system: organic matrices, also coming from agroforestry activities, can be used and enhanced transforming them into energy sources and new matrices and new products with a high soil conditioner, fertilizer and / or biostimulant. This responds to increasingly urgent demands, opening up new challenges for a circular conception of the production system: finding new sources of alternative energy, transforming waste into economically exploitable products, restoring nutrients taken from crops to soil, recycling nutrients such as phosphorus , whose resources are running out dramatically.