EDF satisfied with new service for sampling, analysis and diagnosis of bushings with oil and SF6

Monday March 2nd, 2015

Last February at the EDF “Division Technique Générale” (DTG) in Grenoble, a first meeting was held that would eventually lead to the signing of a new contract between Sea Marconi and EDF for the sampling, analysis and diagnosis of bushings with oil and SF6.
EDF technicians confirmed the high quality service provided by Sea Marconi, as well as their excellent relationship skills with the entire French technical division, their reliability, the dedication of Sea Marconi operators and the delivery of comprehensive documentation.
high level of satisfaction therefore for Sea Marconi’s debut with this highly renowned company in the French energy market. This recognition is particularly important given that as we know, the sampling, analysis and diagnosis of bushings are extremely complex activities that require highly qualified skills during each phase of the procedure. For this very reason, during the first months of the service agreement, Sea Marconi developed a new analytical methodology with dedicated specifications and equipment.

campionamento isolatore olio SF6
campionamento isolatore olio SF6