Oil treatment plants, Sea Marconi creates a real technological jewel

Monday April 26th, 2021

The Sea Marconi fleet is growing again, and it does so with a plant that represents the highest point in the field of insulating liquid treatment. The SIGMA Smart DMU (Decontamination Modular Unit) is a real technological jewel because it includes all the strengths of the DMU by Sea Marconi achieved and consolidated over the years, it is also lighter (aluminum alloy cell), movable and more easily installed, remotely monitored, as well as being extremely flexible. SIGMA carries out integrated treatments of mineral oils (inhibited and uninhibited) both unused and in operation, natural esters and synthetic esters. The plant can work both on transformers in service (on-load) and out of service (off-load) even without the fixed supervision of an operator by sending communications and alarms.

SIGMA will soon be used in commissioning activities for the ITER project and for the 450 MW offshore wind farm off Scotland, one of the largest in the world. In the latter case, these are 2 transformers of 230 MVA, 64,000 kg of insulating liquid, in this case a synthetic ester (MIDEL 7131).

The SIGMA is fully included among the Smart DMUs precisely for its “Smart” characteristics: traceability of process conditions, installation of photovoltaic panels on the top, introduction of IOT devices for monitoring (shocks / vibrations) of transport and periods parking in the logistics phases, remote data transmission (for big data analysis) as well as remote control and supervision thanks to the SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition); with this tool, the Sea Marconi engineers present in the control room in Turin (Italy) can monitor the performance of the treatments carried out by SIGMA (and any other Smart DMU) and interface in real time with their operators on site wherever they are for consultancy, training or troubleshooting.

The SIGMA unit performs the physical treatment, the filling of power transformers under vacuum, and thanks to a heating power of 200 KW and a dedicated secondary circuit, it is also able to perform the dehydration of solid insulators by circulating hot oil. with transformer under load; moreover, this unit can be connected, hence the modularity, to Sea Marconi auxiliary units that extend its capabilities to perform, for example, physico-chemical treatments (CDP PROCESS® chemical dehalogenation and CHEDCOS® selective depolarization).

The SIGMA will be used by Sea Marconi to perform treatments at its customers, but at the same time enriches the catalog of systems destined for worldwide sale. Sea Marconi designs, develops and manufactures its DMUs in Italy, using components, tools and materials from carefully selected suppliers, preferably Italian and in any case from the European Union.

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