Philippine Government experts have chosen Sea Marconi for PCB training

Tuesday November 17th, 2015

Among the activities at the end of 2015, the training provided by Sea Marconi to a Philippine government delegation must surely be remembered. In particular, from 17 November to 20 November, 14 members of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), National Environment and Natural Resources Department, participated in an advanced training course on PCB problem management.
The training programme was divided in 4 days: the first was mostly theoretical and introduced the PCB theme (definitions, identification, inventory); the second day was both theoretical and practical and first analysed PCBs in the Sea Marconi official laboratory, and subsequently the decontamination / disposal technologies for PCB-contaminated fluids; the third day handled the international regulatory framework (IEC, CENELEC etc.); on the fourth day, there was a site visit to witness a Sea Marconi decontamination treatment.
Sea Marconi employed 6 trainers on this occasion and each of them was expert and skilled in his/her field. All trainers belonged to Sea Marconi staff, except one: we also availed ourselves of the expertise of Prof. Massimo Pompili from La Sapienza University of Rome, who, thanks to his role as IEC TC 10 Secretary on insulating fluids, is among the most qualified international professionals in this field.
In recent years, contacts with the Philippines have increased: local authorities invited us in Manila and Davao in April 2011 to present Sea Marconi’s solutions to the PCB problem and then, in November 2012, a delegation from the Philippines visited us for the accreditation and auditing of Sea Marconi’s “PCBs Free Program” solution.