Record attendance on “sensitive” topics during IEC plenary meeting on insulating fluids

Thursday November 26th, 2015

Budapest (Hungary), 26-27 November 2015. The record participation in the 10 technical committee IEC plenary meeting on insulating fluid is a very interesting sign of what’s going on in this field. For the first time, the number of delegates from the technical committees of the respective countries reached 50.

The plenary meeting reviewed the regulatory activity for insulating fluids as well as ongoing projects and those about to start.
Vander Tumiatti (Sea Marconi general partner) participated as Assistant secretary and offered a contribution on the various issues addressed, such as the theme of recycled oils or that of natural esters, currently lacking reference regulations.
Furthermore, the revision of SF6 regulations (which has a great environmental impact) was discussed, as well as new analysis methods of degradation markers of solid insulation materials such as methanol and ethanol and, in general, an attempt was made to solve some controversial points relating to regulation requests lacking enough consent to start dedicated activity (electrical properties such as dielectric strength, dielectric dissipation factor etc.).

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