Sea Marconi invited to Brazil to present its solutions against PCBs as part of the UNDP/GEF

Wednesday May 27th, 2015

As part of the PCB/UNDP/GEF project, Sea Marconi has been invited to present its solutions at the workshop on PCB/POPs treatment (decontamination and disposal), which will be held on 21st and 22nd July 2015 in Brasilia (Brazil).

The event will see managers and technical experts gathered together from the energy, industrial, transportation, health, agricultural and other sectors, which all use electrical equipment with contaminated insulating fluids, or which are responsible for the environmental management of PCB waste (or other persistent organic pollutants). Members of the audience will include representatives of the federal states of Brazil, with an estimated attendance rate of approximately 200 participants.

The workshop will be technical, Sea Marconi and other potential suppliers of services for the decontamination/disposal of dangerous waste will have the opportunity to present their treatment, highlighting the technology and relative performance, just like the advantages and disadvantages of onsite processing.

After the event, we will be able to provide more details on the potential suppliers, the technologies proposed and make a comparison with that proposed by Sea Marconi.