The very first draft of the agenda is available

Thursday August 9th, 2018

The very first draft of the event agenda is available, from which it is possible to have an idea of the topics that will be discussed at the next My Transfo 2018:

Solid and liquid insulating materials for high temperature, applications and case histories
>> Richard Marek – Dupont (USA)
Characterization of different cellulose types using dielectric frequency response (FDS)
>> Britta Pfeiffer – Omicron (Austria)
Increasead Loadability of Transformers Immersed in Natural Esters
>> Fabio Scatiggio – Terna (Italy)

Round Table on “Natural esters” with

>> to be defined – A&A Fratelli Parodi (Italy)
>> Kevin Rapp – Cargill (USA)
>> to be defined
>> Russel Martin – M&I (UK)
Moderated by Fabio Scatiggio* – Terna (Italy)

Degradation phenomena of natural esters
>> Riccardo Maina – Sea Marconi (Italy)
Qualification of Insulating Liquids for Tap-Changers
>> Rainer Frotscher – MR (Germany)
Predictive and maintenance free tools and accessories for transformer and OLTC (or similar)
>> Stefano Vignali – MR (Italy)

Round Table on “DGA Online monitoring, techniques and devices” with
>> Donald Skelly – Qualitrol (Ireland)
>> Tony McGrail – Morgan shaffer – Doble  (USA)
>> to be defined
>> Marco Tozzi – Camlin (Ireland)
Moderated by Luc Paulhiac* – EDF (France)

Condition monitoring on asset health indices and probability of failure with lessons learned updates from the field
>> Tony McGrail – Doble (USA)

take a look to the complete agenda…


When will the definitive agenda be available?

We do our best to enrich the agenda until a few days before the event. Actually, the precise and definitive lineup of the interventions is not known, for this reason the registrations are discounted by 50% until 31st August.

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