Hydro power plant

Nameplate data of transformer:

Transformer: power transformer
Year: 1948
Power [MVA]: 33
Voltage [KV]: 225
Oil mass [Kg]: 74.000 

Solution Sea Marconi

Solution: Dehydration treatment performed on-load (transformer fully load during the treatment)

Before the treatment

After the treatment

After 6 months

Oil temp. [°C]156335
Dissolved water [mg/Kg] IEC 6081428814
Saturation pecentage62%3%13,94%
Water inside the paper using the equilibrium curve > 10%(*)3,9%
Insulating condition IEC 60422Extremely wet(*)Moderately wet
Breakdown voltagea [KV] IEC 6015639,8> 75> 75

Identified Critical issues

Applied solutions

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