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Technical specifications of transformer:

Manufacturer: xxx
Year: 2013 (new)
Power [MVA]: 185
Voltage [kV]: 380/150
Oil mass [kg]: 50.940


Transformer empty following transport to destination site.


Estratto del rapporto di prova con esiti analitici dell’olio a fine intervento

Sea Marconi implemented the following measures: Filling the transformer under vacuum and oil treatment

Details of stages in the procedure

  • connecting and preparing the transformer for vacuum (1 day)
  • applying the vacuum to the transformer (3 days)
  • filling under vacuum (2 days)
  • checking the conservator and purging
  • treating the oil by circulating it through the Sea Marconi decontamination unit (two and a half days)
  • sampling the oil for testing at the end of process
  • disconnecting and uninstalling the site

Total duration of the process: 8 days

This treatment was carried out by Sea Marconi in conjunction with the manufacturer of the transformer who installed the transformer at the destination site and assembled the accessories.

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