Primary substation with 3 Grid transformer and 2 shunt reactors

Nameplate data of the transformer:

Manufact: xxx
Year: 1998
Power [MVA]: 250
Voltage [KV]: 345
Oil mass [Kg]: 118.000
Oil type: naphthenic

Analitical and diagnostic results

The analysis and subsequent diagnosis performed by Sea Marconi on the machines of the customer showed a clear presence of DBDS

Distillation profile of the carbon and sulfur


Solution: Selective depolarization treatment (Chedcos) by Sea Marconi performed on-site and both with transformer in service and fully load (on-load) and with the transformer out of service (off-load).

The treatments guaranteed DBDS < 10 mg/kg

Before treatment

After treatment

DBDS [mg/Kg]144< 10
H2O [mg/Kg]165
TAN [mg KOH/g]< 0,01< 0,01

Identified Critical issues

Applied solutions

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