Thermal power plant with 8 GSU transformers

Nameplate data of the transformer:

Manufact: xxx
Power [MVA]: 370
Voltage [KV]: 400
Oil mass [Kg]: 58.000
Oil type: blended oil

The analysis and diagnosis of the 2011 showed:

Total sulfur = 5700 mg/Kg
TCS (Total Corrosive Sulfur) = 104 mg/Kg (DBDS eq.)
CCD Test = corrosive
DBTP (dibenzothiophene) = 42 mg/Kg

Step 2

August 2011: failure with explosion and fire

Oil Fingerprint. Sulfur corrosive compounds


Diagnosis, prognosis, with a recommendation to perform the selective depolarisation treatment (Chedcos) for the removal of sulfur compounds (NOT DBDS) responsible for the corrosion.

Identified Critical issues

Applied solutions

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