Thermal power plant with 8 GSU transformers

Nameplate data of the transformers:

Power [MVA]: 175
Voltage [KV]: 400
Oil type: naphthenic oil

C2 – Corrosion not caused by DBDS

Step 1

The diagnosis in the 2009 showed:

Total sulfur = 200 mg/Kg
TCS (Total Corrosive Sulfur) = 157 mg/Kg (DBDS eq.)
CCD Test = corrosive
IFT = 19 mN/m
DBTP = 38 mg/Kg

Step 2

Failure in the 2013

Step 3

Post failure analysis in progress…

IFED, oil fingerprint

Step 4

Sea Marconi recommended the selective depolarization treatment (Chedcos) in order to remove the sulfur compounds (NOT DBDS) responsable for the corrosion.

Identified Critical issues

Applied solutions

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