Steel Factory: 8 Equipment

Nameplate data of the transformers:

Namufact: xxx
Year: 1973
Power [MVA]: 85
Voltage [KV]: 63
Oil mass [Kg]: 18.150
Oil type: naphthenic blended

Oil Fingerprint. It shows the presence of sulfur compounds responsible for oil corrosivity


Selective depolarization treatment (Chedcos) in order to remove the corrosive sulfur compounds and dehalogenation treatments (CDP Process®) in order to remove the PCBs from the oils and transformers. the treatments were carried out on-site and on-load (transformer in service and fully load during the treatments).

Before the treatment

After the treatment

PCB* [mg/Kg] 151 17
TCS DBDS Eq. [mg/Kg] 172 < 10
CCD Corrosive NOT Corrosive
Cu 32 5,18
TAN [mg KOH/g] 0,131 0,01
Color 6.5 2

*The agreed guarantee was PCB < 50 [mg/Kg]

Identified Critical issues

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