Smart DMU (Decontamination Modular Unit)

Smart DMUs are the basis of a new generation systems which treat oils and transformers.

With nearly 50 years of experience, working directly in every operational scenario: very cold climates (eg. Mongolia), very hot climates(eg. Saudi Arabia), tropical climates (eg. Brazil), in the center of a city (eg. Paris), in a cave (eg. underground stations) or with strict treatment goals (PCB < 0.5 mg/Kg in Japan), Sea Marconi knows all the difficulties and their constraints very well.
It is this experience that has guided us when designing the new Smart DMU, and constantly helps implement (with on site tests) better solutions.
The result is an innovative modular design based on a main unit in combination with one or more expansion units depending on the treatment in question (See the three examples below).

This modular design greatly helps logistics (transport, accessibility, lifting), maximizes the performance of the treatment, offers greater freedom to allocate (scalability).

Typical set up to complete a physical treatment of the oil in the transformer

Typical setup to complete depolarization against corrosive sulphur in the oil of the transformer

Typical set up to complete the dehydration of a transformer (papers)

Transfer of know-how

Sea Marconi does not focus on the simple sale of the treatment unit, but offers an integrated solution that includes complete training of end-users, provision of patented reagents and constant assistance. This methodology guarantees to all customers in the world the achievement of the typical performance and security obtained by Sea Marconi

Technical features

The Sea Marconi units:

  • Treat oils and on-site transformers, in a continuous and closed circuit, without even partially emptying the transformer. This means that neither oil nor transformers are transferred
  • Operating with on-load transformers throughout treatment
  • Operating 24 hours a day even without the constant supervision of an operator
  • With remote control systems to monitoring the process and support field operators
  • Does not perform an oil change but returns the oil to its optimal conditions
  • Body and pipes in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Premits the transformer to be restored back to its function
  • 1 DMU= many solutions. The same * DMU allows one to “heal” different oil issues (*changing process parameters, system settings and reactants)

Based on the model, the unit can achieve the following:

  • Temperature < 100 °C
  • Filtration < 1 micron
  • Empty < 1 mBar
  • Flow 500-6.000 l/h
  • The modular units can be equipped with lifting lugs so it can be attached and lifted by cranes or forklift trucks
  • The unit containers have a hydraulic lifting system, but are also equipped with lifting lugs for crane and twist-lock mounting on trucks or trailers
  • There are also units that are housed on towable trailers that do not require unloading
  • Remote supervision and control systems are provided to support the operators in the field and to provide assistance aimed at prevention/estimation
  • A monitoring and regulation system of the main process parameters via a PLC touch screen
  • In an emergency oil circulation is automatically shut down
  • Machine files to record the events and life cycle management of the DMU
  • Smoke detectors
  • A leak tank with level sensors
  • Filters to treat emissions
  • Special Connections for on-load treatments
  • Assisted hydraulic lift (for containerized unit)
  • Electrical connections to the transformer protections
  • Containerization with protection against atmospheric events
  • Device for adding the oil inhibitor (DBPC)

How to choose the right Smart DMU? With which flow magnitude? Mobile or fixed? How much does it cost?

Sea Marconi will assist you in evaluating your needs according to the operational environment

Fixed systems (treatment at a collection centre)

The Smart DMUs described above are characterized by their “transportability”, i.e. they treat the transformers (and the oils inside them) directly on the site where they normally function, therefore without the need to move them.

Sea Marconi is also able to install systems for different applications: Fixed Smart DMU. These are installed in collecting centres which normally receive small size transformers and large quantities of oil in tankers. This solution is aimed at:

  • decontaminating transformers collected on a site,
  • treating large quantities of oil in less time (6,000-10,000 l/day),
  • recycling contaminated oils,
  • decontaminating transformers due to be scrapped

The worldwide experience

Direct experience

Treatments (decontamination, depolarisation, dehalogenation of transformers with insulating oils) performed with its own units and personnel

Transfer of expertise

Treatments (decontamination, depolarisation, dehalogenation of transformers with insulating oils) performed by local partners after training on the technology, methods and Sea Marconi processes.

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