Prestigious long-term acquired: testing on strategic transformers begins

Thanks to the three-year agreement signed at the end of 2014, one of the largest Italian companies (at the moment we can’t reveal the name) has entrusted the monitoring of its strategic transformers. Specifically, Sea Marconi has already begun to supply services for oil sampling in transformers, subsequent laboratory analysis and exclusive diagnostic engineering services (identification and classification of critical factors and
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Removal of PCBs and environmental protection France 2012

Scenario Nameplate data of transformer: Trasformatore: grid transformer Manufact: xxx Year: 1970 Power [MVA]: 70 Voltage [KV]: 225 Oil mass [Kg]: 38.000 Solution Sea Marconi Dealogenazione (CDP Process®) treatment in order to remove the PCBs, performed on-load (this means that the transformer is in service and under load during the treatment) Trend of PCBs and chlorine content during the dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process)
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Removal of PCBs and environmental protection Cyprus 1997

Scenario International Tender of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus for: “Elimination of PCBs from the insulating oil of distribution transformers”. In the 1997 Sea Marconi awarded the tender for decontaminate 520 transformers. Nameplate data of transformers: Power max [KVA]: 10-1000 Oil mass contaminated [Kg]: 94.000 PCB max [mg/Kg]: 15.000 PCB target [mg/Kg]: < 10 Solution Sea Marconi Solution: Dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process®) in order to remove
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Japan looks at Sea Marconi as an ally against PCBs

On 10th May 2012, at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo, Sea Marconi responded to the needs of Japan in identifying a solution to the PCBs problem in front of qualified participants coming from industry and the public sector, Sea Marconi teamed with two excellent European companies, the Belgian SITA Decontamination and the Dutch Orion. The three companies formed the consortium EES (European Environmental Solution) to provide the
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Japanese delegation in Sea Marconi: Japan’s PCBs Free Program

Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th February 2011, at the Sea Marconi Headquarters in Collegno (Turin) a meeting was held with a Japanese delegation interested to the Sea Marconi’s solutions for the management of transformers contaminated by PCBs in Japan. At the meeting participated Mr Toshihiko Takeo, general manager of JEMA, association of Japanese manufacturers in the electrical area, Mr Yo
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“PCB Free Program” project for UNDP Kazakhstan

On 29th November 2010, a cognitive meeting took place at the headquarters of Sea Marconi in Collegno (Turin- Italy) with doct. Nurlan Yeskendirov, project manager charged by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) to evaluate the best solutions for the management of the PCBs problem in the generation, transportation and use of electric power in Kazakhstan. Talking of natural resources, Kazakhstan is probably the Country
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Sea Marconi takes to India its solutions against PCBs

Following an invitation by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), on 25th August Sea Marconi participated in New Delhi to a technical seminar on the “State of the art of alternative technologies for the management and disposal of PCBs. The event represented another step (after those already brilliantly achieved) by the UNIDO commissioners evaluating Sea Marconi as a possible supplier for a technological solution finalized toward the management
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Sea Marconi oil treatment plant arrives in South Africa too

Sea Marconi is confirmed again as a leader in services and technologies destined toward the treatment of dielectric fluids (insulating oil). A few days ago, in fact, the installation of a new system for the treatment of mineral insulating oils in operation has been completed in South Africa. The system has been developed and manufactured by Sea Marconi answering the
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