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PCBs and C2 and C4 corrosion, extreme logistics France 2013

Scenario Hydro Power Plant The transformer is located near a river dam with extreme logistical and environmental constraints. The option of changing the oil was discarded immediately because of the enormous difficulties in handling (see. Photo) around the transformer. At the same time the fuller earth techniques would not solve the functional criticalities of the system “oil – transformer”. Nameplate
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Removal of corrosion from dissolved metals (C4) and sludge Italy 2003

Scenario Hydro power plant Nameplate data of transformer: Transformer: GSU transformer Power [MVA]: 30 Voltage [KV]: 130 Oil mass [Kg]: 58.000 Oil type: paraffinic Before the treatment Cu [mg/Kg] 43 TAN [mg KOH/g] 0,213 Color 3 DF 1,268 Solution Sea Marconi Solution: Selective Depolarization treatment (Chedcos) performed on-load (transformer fully load during the treatment) Selective depolarization treatment: Chedcos Before the treatment After the
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