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Spain 2020/21 Drying of transformer oil and paper

Scenario 3 single-phase transformers installed in a thermoelectric power plant in southern Spain Technical characteristics of the transformer: Manufacturer .: xxx Year: 1977 Power [MVA]: 216 Voltage [KV]: 220/22 Mass of oil [Kg]: 15,650 each. Problem Periodic analyzes of the oil showed a condition of hydration of the cellulosic insulation. The estimated water content in solid insulation is between 3
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Drying papers and transformer France 2008

Scenario Hydro power plant Nameplate data of transformer: Transformer: power transformer Year: 1948 Power [MVA]: 33 Voltage [KV]: 225 Oil mass [Kg]: 74.000  Solution Sea Marconi Solution: Dehydration treatment performed on-load (transformer fully load during the treatment) Before the treatment After the treatment After 6 months Oil temp. [°C] 15 63 35 Dissolved water [mg/Kg] IEC 60814 28 8 14 Saturation pecentage
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