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The very first draft of the agenda is available

The very first draft of the event agenda is available, from which it is possible to have an idea of the topics that will be discussed at the next My Transfo 2018: Solid and liquid insulating materials for high temperature, applications and case histories >> Richard Marek – Dupont (USA) Characterization of different cellulose types using dielectric frequency response (FDS)

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The depolarisation from corrosive sulfur in the desert of Atacama in Chile has been concluded successfully

Chile depolarisation. One of the most “extreme” missions performed by Sea Marconi has been concluded successfully: the treatment of 6 transformers in the desert of Atacama in Chile, the driest place in the world, at 9,000 feet altitude with a temperature range between day and night of more than 30 °C. Our operational engineers were able to adapt to really difficult conditions such
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Removal of corrosion from dissolved metals (C4) and sludge Italy 2003

Scenario Hydro power plant Nameplate data of transformer: Transformer: GSU transformer Power [MVA]: 30 Voltage [KV]: 130 Oil mass [Kg]: 58.000 Oil type: paraffinic Before the treatment Cu [mg/Kg] 43 TAN [mg KOH/g] 0,213 Color 3 DF 1,268 Solution Sea Marconi Solution: Selective Depolarization treatment (Chedcos) performed on-load (transformer fully load during the treatment) Selective depolarization treatment: Chedcos Before the treatment After the
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Removal of PCBs and non-DBDS corrosive sulfur (C2) France 2013

Scenario Nameplate data of transformer: Transformer: grid transformer Manufact: xxx Year: 1957 Power [MVA]: 50 Voltage [KV]: 225 Oil Mass [Kg]: 38.000 Oil type: blended mineral oil Transformer contaminated by PCBs and corrosive sulfur compounds Solution Selective depolarization treatment (Chedcos) in order to remove corrosive sulfur compounds and dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process®) in order to remove the PCBs from oil and transformer. The treatment was performerd on-site
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Removal of corrosive sulfur with DBDS (C1) Italy 2005

Scenario 4 GSU transformer at thermal power plant Nameplate data of the transformers: Manufact: xxx Year: 1997 Power [MVA]: 192 Voltage [KV]: 400 Oil mass [Kg]: 58.000 Oil type: naphthenic May 2005 The analysis and subsequent diagnosis performed by Sea Marconi on the equipment of the customer showed: Index of corrosiveness =1 (max level) ASTM b 48H= 4C Overall Health index: 0.52
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Insulating oil treatments: “Sea Marconi Solution” vs “Fuller Earth treatments”

Benchmarking between the different techniques of oil treatment during the life cycle of oils and transformers Download the flier PDF: Sea Marconi Treatments Vs Fuller Earth treatments ENG (377.5 KiB) Key Factors DMU & Integrated Treatments* Sea Marconi Patented Treatment with typical Fuller Earth Treatment with typical Fuller Earth and regeneration > 600-700 °C Recovery: Physical Properties KV, DGA, H2O  Yes
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Sea Marconi gets the renewal of the accreditation by Accredia for the tests on insulating oils

Last November 2012 Sea Marconi received the inspection visit for the surveillance and extension of the accreditation by Accredia*. The audit ended with a positive result and the new certificate is going to be effective on 25th February 2013. In particular, the Accredia inspectors scrutinised not only the laboratory, but the entire company, verifying with the utmost attention the full compliance with the prescribed
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New international accreditation of the Sea Marconi analysis and research laboratory

After the accreditation of the test of PCBs in February 2009, Sea Marconi has obtained last November 2010 from ACCREDIA a brilliant confirmation, by extending the accreditation to the tests of dissolved gases (DGA*, dissolved water and furanic compounds)* (see here below the detail of the accredited tests). Created form the combination of SINAL and SINCERT, ACCREDIA is the only organism authorised by the Italian State to perform
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Explosion of a transformer at the nuclear power plant in New York

Last month, several American internet websites published the news of an explosion occurred last 7th November 2010 of a transformer at the Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) nuclear power plant owned by Entergy Corporation. Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) is a nuclear power plant located in the Buchanan about 40 km from the city of New York on the bank of the Hudson
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Sea Marconi – EDF, a partnership strengthened by the contract for the diagnosis of transformers

The confidence of the EDF Group toward Sea Marconi goes on. The French energy giant EDF, in fact, stipulated a multi-year agreement with our company for the diagnosis of power transformers, strategic equipment for nuclear power, thermal and hydroelectric power production as well as its transmission and distribution.Consequently, the link between the two companies, which already signed two important agreements in 2004 and
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