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Russia approaches Sea Marconi to solve the PCBs problem

In mid-December 2013, Sea Marconi responded with pride to the invitation to go to Russia to offer support in managing the PCBs problem, with respect to the Stockholm Convention. The activity was born under the auspices of UNIDO, but a local operator already exists charged with the development of a pilot project on the contaminated (and non) equipment of the railway network of the
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Removal of PCBs and environmental protection France 2004-2012

Scenario Utility – Power transformer of generation (nuclear, thermal, hydro), transmission and distribution with a total of 1.093 transformers. Namepale data of transformers: Power max [MVA]: 760 Voltage max [KV]: 400 Oil mass [Kg]: 75.000 each PCB max [mg/Kg]: 5.000 PCB target [mg/Kg]: < 20 (after 90 days) Solution Sea Marconi Solution: Dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process®) in order to remove the PCBs from oils and transformers. The treatments
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Removal of PCBs and environmental protection Cyprus 1997

Scenario International Tender of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus for: “Elimination of PCBs from the insulating oil of distribution transformers”. In the 1997 Sea Marconi awarded the tender for decontaminate 520 transformers. Nameplate data of transformers: Power max [KVA]: 10-1000 Oil mass contaminated [Kg]: 94.000 PCB max [mg/Kg]: 15.000 PCB target [mg/Kg]: < 10 Solution Sea Marconi Solution: Dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process®) in order to remove
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V. Tumiatti receives a prestigious invitation to Nairobi by UNEP thank to his competence on the PCBs topic

The competence by Sea Marconi on the topic of PCBs at international level received a prestigious confirmation: a few days ago, Vander Tumiatti received an invitation by Donald Cooper, Executive Secretary of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. In particular, the communication invites Tumiatti as international expert on the matter, to give a dissertation at the Workshop organised by the
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