The management of equipment and oils contaminate by PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) requires basic knowledge of this substance, but above all requires knowledge of the rules and laws regulating this matter (IEC, CENELEC, Stockholm Convention, etc.).This training course is designed for exactly this purpose and is aimed primarily at developing countries.It will address, for example, inventory and control obligations, without neglecting the decontamination or disposal techniques for PCB-contaminated equipment.
The course is run with a practical approach, with the aim of giving tools to those who really need to implement a PCB management system. This approach is greatly appreciated by participants; in fact, Sea Marconi frequently provides courses to international bodies under the auspices of the World Development Organisation.

Sea Marconi is an international leader in this field, and has developed a technology, the CDP Process®, recognised as the best available technique (BAT) for decontamination of in-service and end-of-life transformers.Due to its recognised expertise in this field, Sea Marconi is part of the PCB Elimination Network (PEN) established in 2009 within the ambit of the Stockholm Convention.

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    3 days

    (The duration can be changed according to customer needs)

    Introduction: What are PCBs?
    PCBs in insulating oils
    International standards on PCB management
    Case of application: European regulatory framework for PCBs
    PCB Inventory
       – Definition of an inventory strategy
       – Sampling
       – Choice of laboratory
       – Sample management
     PCB analysis and interpretation of results:
       – Example: a proper workflow of the sample inside the laboratory
       – International methods and their differences
       – GResult management: traceability and availability of data
       – Definition of a strategy for managing the PCB inventory
     Technologies for decontamination/disposal of PCB-contaminated insulating oils
       – Combustion technologies
       – Combustion-free technologies
       – Safety and environmental aspects
     [PRACTICAL SESSION] Oil sampling
     [PRACTICAL SESSION] General visit to a plant for oil and transformer decontamination (MDU)
       – On-site visit to an MDU plant

    Theoretical session with supporting Power Point presentations.

    Practical session at the nearest site where dehalogenation takes place (minibus transfer) or at the Sea Marconi operating area in Collegno (TO).

    – Managers di parchi apparecchiature elettriche,
    – Managers of electrical equipment pools,
    – Producers or service providers,
    – Risk managers,
    – Utilities engineers,
    – Consultants,
    – Researchers (in the electrical, environmental and technical fluid fields),
    – Asset managers,
    – Insurance companies,
    – Maintenance technicians,
    – Engineers involved in the maintenance of high voltage systems,
    – Laboratory managers
    – Ministry officials (environment, development, industry).

    Sea Marconi Campus (via Ungheria 20, Collegno (Turin) – Italy)

    This course can also be organised at the customer’s premises

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    Training material

    Each participant will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentations (paper and electronic version) shown during the course and any follow-up handouts.
    At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


    This course is held in Italian, English and French.
    The course can be delivered in other languages through an interpreter chosen by Sea Marconi or the customer


    Actis Riccardo

    Sea Marconi On-site Services Manager

    Maina Riccardo

    Sea Marconi Laboratory Manager

    Tumiatti Vander

    Founder and active partner of Sea Marconi

    *The course may be held by other Sea Marconi trainers or speakers with internationally recognised experience