Spain 2020/21 Drying of transformer oil and paper

Scenario 3 single-phase transformers installed in a thermoelectric power plant in southern Spain Technical characteristics of the transformer: Manufacturer .: xxx Year: 1977 Power [MVA]: 216 Voltage [KV]: 220/22 Mass of oil [Kg]: 15,650 each. Problem Periodic analyzes of the oil showed a condition of hydration of the cellulosic insulation. The estimated water content in solid insulation is between 3 and 4% by weight, a
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Filling a transformer under vacuum and subsequent oil treatment Belgium 2014

Situation A global leader in the energy sector Technical specifications of transformer: Manufacturer: xxx Year: 2013 (new) Power [MVA]: 185 Voltage [kV]: 380/150 Oil mass [kg]: 50.940 Problem Transformer empty following transport to destination site. Solution Estratto del rapporto di prova con esiti analitici dell’olio a fine intervento Sea Marconi implemented the following measures: Filling the transformer under vacuum and
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Filling a transformer under vacuum and subsequent oil treatment France 2013

Situation Twin transformers installed in a quarry: Manufacturer: xxx Year: 1980 Power [MVA]: 250 Voltage [kV]: 400 Oil mass [kg]: 41,000 Problem Following a problem associated with excessive gas formation diagnosed by another supplier, the latter asked Sea Marconi to drain the oil, keep the transformers under vacuum for a specified period, then refill them with oil and carry out
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Filling and dehydrating transformer oil France 2012 water in papers

Situation A global leader in the energy and infrastructure sector Technical specifications of transformer: Manufacturer: xxx Year: 2012 (new) Power [MVA]: 80 Voltage [kV]: 227/21/21 Oil mass [kg]: 26.700 Problem Following an initial request to fill the new transformer, when the Sea Marconi technicians arrived they noticed there was free water inside the transformer. This was due to the transformer
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Physical oil treatment in extreme logistical conditions Italy 2015

Situation Hydroelectricity company. The transformer is located in the Adamello peaks (Lombardy). Problem There were extreme logistical difficulties associated with reaching the operating site: the access route was a steep slope at high altitude and there was more than a metre of snow. Helicopter was the only possible means of transporting the oil treatment machinery, so there were stringent weight
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Sweden 2012 PCB in oil and transformer

Scenario Primary alluminiun factory: 8 Rectifier Transformers (Sweden) Nameplate data of transformers: Manufact: xxx Year: 1930 Power [MVA]: 19 Voltage [KV]: 13 Oil Mass [Kg]: 15.000 Oil type: mineral blended Solution Selective depolarization treatment (Chedcos) in order to remove the DBDS + dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process) in orderr to remove the PCBs both from oil and transformers. The treatments were performed on-site, on-line and on-load (transformer in servise and
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PCBs and C2 and C4 corrosion, extreme logistics France 2013

Scenario Hydro Power Plant The transformer is located near a river dam with extreme logistical and environmental constraints. The option of changing the oil was discarded immediately because of the enormous difficulties in handling (see. Photo) around the transformer. At the same time the fuller earth techniques would not solve the functional criticalities of the system “oil – transformer”. Nameplate
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Removal of PCBs and environmental protection France 2012

Scenario Nameplate data of transformer: Trasformatore: grid transformer Manufact: xxx Year: 1970 Power [MVA]: 70 Voltage [KV]: 225 Oil mass [Kg]: 38.000 Solution Sea Marconi Dealogenazione (CDP Process®) treatment in order to remove the PCBs, performed on-load (this means that the transformer is in service and under load during the treatment) Trend of PCBs and chlorine content during the dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process)
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Removal of PCBs and environmental protection France 2008

Scenario Nameplate data of transformer: Transformer: GSU transformer Manufact: xxx Year: 1974 Power [MVA]: 760 Voltage [KV]: 400 Oil mass [Kg]: 55.000 Problem See analytical results of the oil before treatment (table below) Soluzione Sea Marconi Solution: Dehalogenation treatment (CDP Process®) in order to remove the PCBs from the oil and transformer. Before treatment After treatment TAN [mg KOH/g] 0,029 < 0,010 Breakdown
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