9 marzo 2017

Principali riferimenti normativi:

  • IEC TR 62874:2015, “Guidance on the interpretation of carbon dioxide and 2-furfuraldehyde as markers of paper thermal degradation in insulating mineral oil”
  • IEC 60422:2013, “Mineral insulating oils in electrical equipment – Supervision and maintenance guidance”
  • CIGRE Technical Brochure 227, 2003 “Life Management Techniques for Power Transformer”
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  • CIGRE Technical Brochure 494, 2012 “Furanic compounds for diagnosis”
  • IEC 60076-7:2005 Ed. 1, “Power Transformers – part 7 loading guide for oil immersed power transformer”
  • CIGRE WG A2-30, 2007 “Moisture equilibrium and moisture migration within transformer insulation systems”

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